Here’s a sweet deal. This girl has decided to spout out some wonderful hate speech because she doesn’t like transwomen. She has it in her silly head that we are somehow unsafe due to our genitals (which cause enough problems for us on their own). This is some evil transmisogynistic bullshit. Having a transgirl in an all-girl group does not make that group “co-ed”. It stays an all-girl group (whether that’s right or wrong isn’t the point). Transgender girls are girls, not boys.

Since no one can comment or dislike this video, we should all mark it as inappropriate on youtube. Report it for hate speech.

Fucking rally against this bigot. Buy girl scout cookies! It’s a pretty good organization if it includes transwomen, as not many do.

Support Girl Scouts!

dear god why do i still have a penis?
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i remembered a silly life event through storytelling over facebook chat. that life event turned into an outline of my 2006.


 my brother and i were in a theatrical production of a fan fiction when we were younger. it was a play about aliens abducting the brady bunch. we portrayed two imbecile aliens who made decisions by poorly playing rock-paper-scissors. our characters were called Marco and Polo. during this time my brother and i were writing a “film script” about a serial killer/gangster/mad scientist/bathtime enthusiast named ernie and his monsterous creation, bert.

  the writer/director of the play was an old bearded man in a wheelchair who was obsessed with the brady bunch, and wrote two of these fan fictions yearly to be performed on stage back to back in an omaha church basement. each performance was made complete with a spaghetti dinner fundraiser event. i lost my orange cargo pants in that church. i loved those fucking pants you don’t understand. we then got fired from the play because we were tearing up loose tiles behind the stage. my mom was crying when she informed us. “destruction of church property”.

we never did film that corruption of bert and ernie. i do still remember the song. “rubber duckie you’re the one. you make my bathtime so much fun. now i’m going to shoot you with a gun so my bathtime’s done”. ernie hid thompson machine guns in various private bathrooms across the nation, and killed the children who lived within.

OUTLINE OF 2006 - TW gender dysphoria

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do i look like a fucking sir? does my dress sense convey the masculinity associated with “sir-ness”? i mean why do you think i have these fucking tits? are they a substitute for a beard, do you think? or do my tits look like the tits of a man? or perhaps my ultra masculine makeup gives me off. i apologize, i seem to have purchased Harrison Ford’s line of mascara, excuse me. and the lipstick is apparently a cheap knock off of the Burt Reynolds line. and this purple skirt? yes it is kilt using the plaid of my ancestors in Scotland! it doesn’t look plaid? well i’m not actually Scottish at all.

or perhaps you are being a douche? i don’t look like a man. i may look like a transsexual, but does that mean you can fucking call me sir? no. give me some respect as a human being.

now 4 all 2 C: the three most important subjekts in my lief
i have fauxvaries!


also: i may be involved in the movement to get the university of iowa health insurance plan to cover trans related surgery. i’d love an orchiectomy, ya know. testicles just get in the way of everything, like underwear.

and if ellen page could perform it i’d be so fucking down (hard candy reference lolz)

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Argentina: Transgender rights bill campaign

this video is so great! :D

i know i do.
i will never pass

unless maybe i lose weight? i dunno. a girl can dream that one day she won’t automatically be pegged as trans and be asked what “the story” is behind her tits and hair.

this made me fucking cry. i love my dad so much, but part of me feels he’s very disappointed in me for transitioning and i don’t know what to do about it.

(sidenote: i fucking love amanda palmer, so that the fact that she produced this makes it even more precious to me)

why does this world suck?

i am a pretty normal individual. yes i’m a poet and a hipster, but these things are not too abnormal in the realm of undergraduate studies. my writing, music, and tastes far outweigh anything else when defining my person.

but the first thing people see is my transsexuality. yes i’m tall hand have big shoulders hands and feet and my voice is kind of husky, so i guess it’s easy for people to assume that, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t piss me off. and because i don’t pass well i get retarded ass questions such as whether my hair and tits are real. they are.

most people also assume that i am in some way involved in the LGBT community and that i do “drag” and go to gay bars. i was in drag for twenty years, i’m not about to do it again. as for being a part of the LGBT community: no. i may be trans, but in general that scene doesn’t appeal to me. i’m much happier hanging out with artists and poets and others regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, etc.

i am a woman and i want to be seen as such. even if you are supportive of transfolk, assuming i’m an LGBT pride sort is kind of insensitive. i’d prefer to be left in peace and shown the same sort of respect (or lack thereof) you would show any other cisgendered female. i don’t consider myself transsexual, i consider myself a woman. i’d be cisgendered if i could be.

do i sound ugglie ass fuck?